Contact Your Co-op

South Carolinians interested in investing in solar energy have more options than ever. If you’re a consumer-member at one of the state’s participating electric cooperatives, the Community Solar program is a simple, safe and affordable option.

Before you  install solar panels on your home, it’s a good idea to first contact your local electric cooperative. Here are steps to follow to maintain reliable electricity service:

  • Call your local electric cooperative and ask to speak to the solar specialist
  • The solar specialist can tell you what items are needed to interconnect your solar panels to the electric grid
  • The solar specialist can give you information and history on your electric use – information your solar installer might need
  • The solar specialist can help you submit a necessary interconnection application and other documents the co-op needs before your solar system is fully operational

Checklist to Interconnect
To help you install your solar system, your electric cooperative representative may review and discuss this list with you:

  • The need to complete an interconnection application
  • Amount of the application fee
  • Do you have the required electrical drawing
  • The need to provide a signed interconnection
  • Ensure consumer-member has the necessary insurance documentation*
  • Complete an inspection by the co-op

Notify your electric cooperative if you make major change(s) to your solar PV system, especially to its size or insurance coverage. This insurance needs to be kept in place as long as the system is connected.

Find your co-op below