Broad River Electric launches community solar program

Broad River Electric launches community solar program

Broad River Electric chairman Norris Fowler
cuts the ribbon on the co-op's new
community solar farm.

April 28, 2017 - Broad River Electric Cooperative in Gaffney kicked off a 150-kilowatt community solar program aimed at giving its members the option to buy renewable power.

“This solar project represents our continued commitment to the community and our membership,” said Terry Mallard, CEO of Broad River Electric in Gaffney. “We think community solar is a low-risk, easy way to invest in renewable energy.”

The first solar panels were installed on top of a parking canopy in the parking lot of the co-op.

In the first month, it produced enough electricity to power 20 homes, Mallard said.

A solar plant with many more panels will be built by the end of the year, Mallard said. The location has not been announced.

Among the guest speakers were state Rep. Steven Moss and state Sen. Harvey Peeler, both of whom represent much of Broad River’s coverage area.

“At first I was skeptical,” said Peeler. “Now I’m convinced this is the way to do it.”

Broad River is an electricity provider. Most of the power it buys is generated by coal or nuclear, said spokesman Josh Crotzer.

While the amount of solar energy to be produced is relatively small, Moss said it shows Broad River and its members are doing something for the environment, thanks to “that big guy in the sky.”

Members interested in subscribing to the community solar program can get more information here.

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